Zhejiang Juhua 44kt / A High-end Fluoropolymer Project

- May 16, 2020-

Zhejiang Juhua 44kt / a high-end fluoropolymer project will build a downstream fluoromonomer and polymer product production facility based on TFE, and organize the production of 50kt / a TFB, 50kt / a HFP, 32kt / a high performance High-end fluoropolymer products such as PTFE, 7kt / a fluororubber and their supporting hydrochloric acid concentration, hydrochloric acid defluorination, and incineration.

Existing production capacity:

 The main body of the implementation of this project is the Juhua fluoropolymer plant. Fluoropolymer plant is a fluoropolymer plant built by Zhejiang Juhua Co., Ltd. with the introduction of advanced technologies at home and abroad. It was built in 2002 and mainly produces fluoropolymers. Since the establishment of the plant, after several technological transformations, it currently has 15,000 tons / year hexafluoropropylene plant, 2000 tons / year VDF, 1,000 tons / year PVDF, 20,000 tons / year TFE, 10,000 tons / year FEP, 16,000 tons / year PTFE and other production equipment.

Juhua refrigerant and fluoropolymer product