World Refrigeration Day On June 26, Let Us Know The Cold Chain

- Jul 05, 2020-

June 26 World Refrigeration Day can improve people's understanding and understanding of the important role of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump industry and their technology in modern life. Refrigeration science, engineering and applications are closely related to our lives. It makes the hot climate livable, can store and transport fresh food, provides us with efficient work and study space, guarantees the controllable ambient temperature of product manufacturing and data centers, and preserves medicines and other necessities to maintain life and health. June 26 is the birthday of Lord Kelvin, and the absolute temperature scale is named after him. Refrigeration replies on refrigerant gas R410a, R32, R22, freon gas R134a, Refrigerant R404a, etc.

Steve Gill, Head of the World Refrigeration Day Secretariat, said: "The first World Refrigeration Day in June 2019 was a great success. Last year, more than 800 public events were held in at least 153 countries. Many online activities."

The theme of World Refrigeration Day 2020 is to celebrate the importance of the food cold chain to life. The cold chain provides guarantee for the whole process of food from the place of production to the table, and the importance of the cold chain to the public is not only reflected in food. Global vaccines must be refrigerated before being used by medical professionals. The cold chain is also essential for the transportation and storage of blood and donated organs.

As part of the celebration of World Refrigeration Day 2020, World Refrigeration Day Secretariat, ASHRAE, European Energy and Environmental Cooperation Association (EPEE), Global Food Cold Chain Council (GFCCC), International Refrigeration Society (IIR) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is jointly launching an event to explore the importance of the cold chain and its important role in food safety and human health. The theme of this joint event is: "Cold Chain 4 Life".

"World Refrigeration Day provides all people with an opportunity to celebrate the tremendous contribution that refrigeration and air conditioning make to society. This includes agriculture and food systems that can feed all of us, and guarantee the food harvesting, storage, transportation, and marketing processes. The cold chain makes this Everything is possible." James Curlin, the head of the UNEP Ozone Action, said: "We encourage everyone to organize a celebration of World Refrigeration Day in their country or locality on June 26 to promote refrigeration and The great work of the air-conditioning industry is crucial to the success of the Montreal Protocol."

Darryl K. Boyce, President of ASHRAE, said: "We are honored to cooperate with other international organizations to support World Refrigeration Day on the occasion of the second World Refrigeration Day and celebrate the importance of refrigeration to the modern world. effect."

"Refrigeration is essential to our health, productivity and well-being, and it will not stop there." EPEE Director General Andrea Voigt said: "Through energy saving and the conversion to renewable energy, refrigeration Can play an important role in reducing carbon emissions, such as heat recovery, heat storage and demand response solutions."

"Our food supply relies on a seamless'cold chain' from the farm or ocean to the refrigerated warehouses and refrigerated trucks of supermarket display cabinets." IIR Director General Didier Coulomb said: "Reducing food waste is the food of the future One of the most important challenges for safety and mitigation of global warming. Establishing a perfect cold chain worldwide is the best solution." According to IIR data, the world reduces food waste by approximately 475 million tons per year and can feed 9.5 per year Billion people. In addition, the cold chain is also critical for the safe supply of vaccines and drugs and for healthcare applications.