Whether The Refrigerant Is Good For Freon Or New Refrigerant

- Jun 05, 2019-

Whether the refrigerant is good for Freon or new refrigerant

Refrigerant is an important medium for air conditioning and refrigeration, also known as refrigerant and snow. In the summer, when many people use air conditioners, they find that there is less air conditioning refrigerant and no cooling effect. Want to buy refrigerant, then, is the refrigerant good for Freon or new? What refrigerant is best for air conditioning at home? Both Freon and the new refrigerant are refrigerants. What is the difference between the two? Let's take a look at the Venus Jiaye Xiaobian.

  Is the refrigerant good for Freon or new?

  The new refrigerant is a new type of refrigerant, which does not cause damage to the ozone layer in the application. At the same time, the refrigerant is generally composed of carbon, hydrogen, fluorine and other elements, because it is relatively stable and non-toxic. In the process of application, Freon will destroy the ozone layer in the atmosphere, so many refrigeration equipments such as air conditioners are slowly getting rid of the application of Freon.

  Freon characteristics classification:

  Freon, also known as Freon, is derived from English Freon, a refrigerant trademark registered by DuPont. In China, there is a divergence in the definition of Freon, which is generally defined as the general term for halogenated hydrocarbons (mainly methane, ethane and propane). According to this definition, Freon can be classified into four categories: CFC, HCFC and HFC. Freon is only one of the refrigerants. The refrigerants can be classified into three categories: high temperature (low pressure) refrigerants, medium temperature (medium pressure) refrigerants, and low temperature (high pressure) refrigerants.

  1. Common Freon refrigerants are R12, R22, R502 and R1341a, as other types of refrigerants have now been deactivated or disabled.

  2. Freon 12 (CF2CL2, R12): It is one of the most widely used refrigerants in Freon. It is widely used in small and medium-sized food storage, household refrigerators, and refrigeration equipment such as water and road refrigeration transportation.

  3, Freon 22 (CHF2CL, R22): It is a kind of Freon refrigerant, which is mainly used in household air conditioners and low temperature refrigerators.

  4. Freon 502 (R502): R502 is an azeotropic solution in which R12 and R22 are mixed in a percentage of 51.2% and 48.8%.

  5, Freon 134a (C2H2F4, R134a): is a new type of refrigerant, its evaporation temperature is -26.5 °C.

  What is the new refrigerant?

  The new refrigerant is a new environmentally friendly refrigerant used to solve the harm caused by the refrigerant freon used in the past. No fluorine is harmful to the atmosphere. R410A, R134a and R407C are commonly used. The main one used now is R410A. Due to the advantages of R410A new refrigerant in product use characteristics, it has become the future development trend of air conditioner refrigerant.

  R410A new refrigerant: R410A, is a mixed refrigerant, which is a mixture of R32 (difluoromethane) and R125 (pentafluoroethane). It has the advantage that it can be used according to specific application requirements, such as Considering flammability, capacity, exhaust temperature and efficiency, a refrigerant is synthesized. R410A is colorless, turbid, volatile, boiling point -51.6 ° C, freezing point -155 ° C; its main features are:

  (1) Does not destroy the ozone layer. Its molecular formula does not contain chlorine, so its ozone layer damage potential (ODP) is zero. The global warming potential (GWP) is less than 0.2.

  (2) Very low toxicity. The allowable concentration is the same as that of R22, which is 1000 ppm.

  (3) Non-flammable. The flammable polarity in the air is zero.

  (4) High chemical and thermal stability.

  (5) The water solubility is almost the same as that of R22.

  (6) is a mixed refrigerant composed of two refrigerants.

  (7) Not compatible with mineral oil or alkylbenzene oil. (Compatible with POE [ester lubricating oil], PVE [ether lubricating oil]).

  The above is about whether the refrigerant is good for Freon or new refrigerant, and what kind of refrigerant is best for household air conditioners. Therefore, when choosing refrigerants, we still choose new refrigerants and are more environmentally friendly. For more refrigerant addition methods, pay attention to the official website of Jinxing Jiaye to learn more about refrigerant sharing.