What is MAPP Gas

- Jun 20, 2017-

What's Mapp Gas?

MAPP gas is a stabilized mixture of various hydrocarbons, high quality MAPP GAS as Propylene, Propane and Dimethyl Ether mixtures, It produces a flame temperature (2, 976 centigrade, 1980f) second only to acetylene when burned in oxygen. It gas a high heat release in its primary flame (inner cone) (15, 445kJ/m3), slightly slower than that of acetylene (18, 890KJ/m3) and much higher than that of propane (10, 433KJ/m3). Its secondary flame (outer cone) also gives off a high heat release, similar to propane and natural gas. 

It's ideal for professional or heavy welding and cutting iron and steel. also suitable for brazing, soft soldering, heating, shrinking and paint stripping.

MAPP gas combines the qualities of an acetylene flame with a more even heat distribution. It burns hotter than propane and natural gas, and it can burn continuously for 3 hours under normal working condition. The welding temperature can reach 1350 centigrade and the combustion temperature can reach 1300 centigrade under anaerobic conditions.