What Should I Pay Attention To In The Drainage Problem Of Cold Storage Design

- Aug 06, 2018-

What should I pay attention to in the drainage problem of cold storage design?


In the era of modern science and technology development, the combination of cold storage design and automation control is not too much. Nowadays, it is mainly concerned with the normative design of cold storage design. The professional cold storage design specification has become more and more important in this society, because cold storage is in many industries. There is a use, the role is not to be underestimated, there are many problems in the design of the cold storage need to pay attention.

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1. The ground of the cooling room and the refrigeration compressor room should be ground drain, and the floor drain water seal height should not be less than 50mm. Elevator wells, weighbridge pits, etc. should have drainage and prevent water flow inversion facilities.

2. Drainage measures shall be provided for the basement and ground overhead of the cold storage building.

3. The floor drain of the cold water tank drain, evaporative condenser drain, and the storage of food or beverages in the cold storage warehouse shall not be directly connected to the sewage and sewage pipeline system, and indirect drainage shall be adopted. In the multi-layer cold storage, all layers of flushing (melting) frost water drainage shall be provided with a water sealing device in front of the main riser of the drainage (melting) frost drainage.

4. The rushing (melting) frost drain pipe at different temperatures should be provided with a water seal device before the sinking (melting) frost drain pipe.

5. When the cooling fan adopts hot ammonia defrost or electric defrost, the defrost drainage can be directly discharged. The inside of the defrosting drainage pipe can be insulated by electric heating.

6. The slope and fullness of the rushing (melting) frost drainage pipe shall comply with the current national standard "Design Code for Building Water Supply and Drainage" GB50015.

7. When the cooling storage room is located in the basement, the collecting well (pool) of the rushing (melting) frost drainage shall take measures to prevent freezing and prevent water from flowing back.

8. The water outlet of the rushing (melting) frost drainage pipe shall be provided with a water seal or a water seal well. Anti-freezing measures should be taken for water seals and water-sealed wells in cold areas.