What Propellant Can Be Used In Medical Sprays

- Apr 18, 2020-

Below HFA Propellants can be used for Use in Medical Sprays:

Chemical name: 1,1,1,2,-tetrafluoroethane,

medical name: Norflurane, 99.99% HFA-134A for pharm grade

It is an ideal green propellant used in medical sprays such as:

* MDIs (Metered Dose Inhalers, also
called asthma sprays or pharmaceutical aerosols inhaled by the patient),
* nasal sprays
* foam sprays and
*other oral/topical sprays
to propel the active ingredient which is
dispersed or solubilised in the hydrofluoroalkane (hereinafter referred to as HFA
HFA 134a does not contain chlorine and are thus non-ozone depleting. Furthermore, they are non flammable and chemically inert. This makes them (from a safety and toxicological point of view) ideal candidates for use in medical roducts. Moreover, because HFA 227
and HFA 134a have thermodynamic and physical properties closely resembling
the chlorofluorocarbons CFC 11, CFC 12 and CFC 114 traditionally used in medical sprays, they were proposed to replace the ozone-depleting CFCs currently being
phased out under the terms of the Montreal Protocol.
Accordingly, We Juhua China developed HFA aerosol R134a in a special pharmaceutical
grade Juscal® 134a pharma specifically for use in medical products. They are of the highest
quality as required for sensitive routes of administration – in the case of MDIs, via
inhalation to the lung.

propellant used in medical sprays