What Is The Reason For Poor Cooling Effect Of Air-conditioner And Its Solution ?

- Aug 29, 2020-

Reason 1: Insufficient refrigerant (commonly known as lack of ammonia)

Most of this reason is that the air conditioner has been used for three or four years, which is a normal phenomenon of normal consumption of air-conditioning refrigerant due to long-term use. At this time, just add refrigerant. There are also refrigerant leaks caused by installation reasons or the reasons of the machine itself. This is a common and relatively easy to find cause, which can be checked with a pressure gauge.

Solution: add the refrigerant indicated on the nameplate of the air conditioner and check whether the refrigerant pipe connection is tight

Reason 2: The air conditioner is not cleaned and maintained for a long time

After the air conditioner has been used for a period of time, the indoor unit and the outdoor unit need to be cleaned regularly, such as once a year. After the indoor unit and the outdoor unit are used for a long time, the surface of the radiator will absorb a lot of dust, garbage and other dirt, so that the heat dissipation effect of the radiator is poor and the cooling of the air conditioner is weakened. In addition, if the indoor unit is not cleaned for a long time, the air in the room may be unhygienic, and the air-conditioning disease may be easily affected.

Solution: Regularly clean and maintain the indoor unit and outdoor unit of the air conditioner

Reason 3: insufficient number of air conditioners

There are many reasons for this non-refrigeration, such as: the number of air conditioners does not match the area of the room, the room is relatively unsealed (such as the doors and windows are not closed tightly), there are heat sources in the room (such as more computers, and the glass windows are exposed to the west. Serious etc.). To solve this kind of problem, generally only can increase the number of air conditioners, enhance the airtightness of the use environment, and reduce the heat source in the use environment of the air conditioner (such as turning off unnecessary electrical equipment, installing curtains on windows or even doing external shading), etc. Start with.

Solution: Match the cooling capacity required by the power space of the air conditioner

Reason 4: The ambient temperature of the outdoor unit is too high

This kind of non-cooling situation is common when our outdoor unit is installed in a relatively closed space or the temperature around the outdoor unit is too high (such as installed on a balcony without sunshade). In order to look beautiful in some real estate, the outdoor unit is installed in a small hidden space or even multiple outdoor units are placed in a small space, so that it is extremely easy to cause the outdoor unit to not ventilate smoothly, causing the heat emitted by the radiator to fail to flow away. The cooling of the air conditioner is weakened.

Solution: Change the use environment of the outdoor unit (move away from the high temperature environment, shade the outdoor unit, improve the ventilation environment around the outdoor unit)

Reason 5: insufficient power supply voltage

This kind of problem is manifested as: when the voltage is normal, the air conditioner is also normal. When the voltage is unstable, especially during the peak power consumption, this phenomenon is more likely to occur. It will affect sometimes the air conditioner does not cool (the internal machine works, the compressor does not jobs). We must start with providing a stable voltage to solve the problem.

Solution: maintain normal power supply voltage