What Is The Principle And Use Of Water System (water Fire Extinguisher, Mechanical Foam Fire Extinguisher)?

- Sep 19, 2019-

Mechanical foam fire extinguisher(such as F500 foam Fire Extinguisher) filled with water-based membrane agent, its advantages are: the effect of the oil fire extinguishing is particularly good, fire extinguishing level is high, when the use of water stain loss is small, neither dry powder secondary pollution, and no carbon dioxide toxicity. But its shortcomings are also large: its fire extinguishing mechanism is cooling and isolation, fire-fighting time is long; The extinguishing agent in the water fire extinguisher is clean water. Water has low viscosity, higher thermal stability, high density and high surface tension at room temperature, and is an ancient and wide-use natural fire extinguishing agent that is easy to obtain and store. It is mainly in accordance with the cooling and suffocation effect of the fire. Since every thousand grams of water is heated from the normal temperature to boiling point and completely vaporized, it can absorb 2593.4KJ of heat. Therefore, it uses its ability to absorb thermal and latent heat to play a cooling fire extinguishing role, which is unmatched by other fire extinguishing agents. In addition, the water vapor formed by the vaporization of the water is an inert gas, and the volume will expand by about 1700 times. In the fire extinguishing, the water vapor produced by water vaporization will occupy the space of the combustion area, dilute the oxygen content around the burning material, and prevent fresh air from entering the combustion area, so that the oxygen concentration in the combustion area is greatly reduced, so as to achieve the purpose of suffocating the fire.

  When water is sprayed with fog, the surface area of the resulting water droplets and mist droplets will be greatly increased, increasing The heat exchange between water and fire is strengthened, thus strengthening its cooling and suffocating effect.

  In addition, some flammable, flammable liquids that are soluble in water can also play a dilution effect, the use of strong jet of water mist can make flammable, flammable liquid emulsifying effect, so that the liquid surface quickly cools, combustible steam production speed decreases and achieves the purpose of extinguishing the fire.

When using water fire extinguisher, you can use the patting method, first put the water fire extinguisher upright and steady, take off the protective cap, with the palm of your hand to open the top of the bar, the water will be sprayed from the nozzl

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