What Is The Difference Between R410A And R32 Refrigerant? How To Distinguish R32 Air Conditioner?

- Jul 24, 2019-



I. Comparison of R410A and R32 refrigerant gas


At present, the greener refrigerant gas used in home air conditioner to replace the R22 refrigerant, is basically the R410a and R32 refrigerants. Today, the refrigeration encyclopedia performs a simple comparative analysis on the characteristics of the R22, R410a and R32 points


1, thermal properties: R32 charge can be reduced, only 0.71 times R410a, R32 system working pressure is higher than R410a, but the maximum increase is not more than 2.6%, and the R410A system pressure requirements, while R32 system exhaust The temperature rises up to 35.3 °C maximum than R410A.


2, environmental protection characteristics: ODP (ozone depletion potential) are 0, but R32's GWP (global warming potential) is moderate, compared with R22 CO2 emission reduction ratio of 77.6%, while R410a is only 2.5% It is significantly better than R410a in CO2 emission reduction.


3. Safety: Both R32 and R410a are non-toxic and R32 is flammable. Among several alternatives R32 and R290 of R22, the lower limit of combustion LFL of R32 is the highest. Although R290 is the most environmentally friendly, it has a highly flammable nature and its safety rating is A3. Therefore, it is required to charge only air conditioners within 2p. Large air conditioners are limited.


4. Cyclic performance: In terms of theoretical cycle performance, R32 system cooling capacity is 12.6% higher than R410a, power consumption is increased by 8.1%, and comprehensive energy saving is 4.3%. The experimental results also show that the energy efficiency ratio of R32 refrigeration system is slightly higher than R410a.

PS: By the way, I will answer a question that readers often ask me. Many people ask, now the R410A for air conditioning is good, why should we change R32 or R290, is R410A not an environmentally friendly refrigerant?


In fact, although R410A has an ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) of 0, but GWP (Global Warming Potential) is 2340, so strictly speaking, R410a is not a true environmentally friendly refrigerant.


R32 refrigerant is flammable and explosive, but R32 does not destroy the ozone layer. GWP is only 30% of R410a, and the atmospheric retention time is 5.6 years, while the relative injection amount is lower. R290's ODP and GWP are almost zero, more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. In fact, to put it bluntly, the use of R290 and R32 refrigerants is because it is more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.


II. The precautions when installing R32 air conditioner:


Smoking is strictly prohibited in the maintenance process. Fire sources or heat sources are strictly forbidden in the operating area within two meters. It is strictly forbidden to smoke while repairing. The system must be vacuumed.


Try not to lengthen the pipe. Hanging air conditioners usually have a 3m (joint joint 4m) connecting pipe inside and outside. The cabinet machine has 4m (joint joint 5m). The refrigerant is circulating in the copper pipe. The lengthening pipe will increase the risk of leakage.


Need open flame welding, usually in the welding, the link is prone to leak points, the length of the copper tube is basically not as good as the original, and generally will be a thin circle, the original general liquid tube is 6.35, followed by the general For the 6 (in English metric system), the wall will be thinner. If you can spend as much as possible to buy a shelf, don't add it. If you don't add it, the whole installation process will not involve open flames or welding.


When it is necessary to lengthen, the original tube is installed on the indoor unit side. At present, the indoor side of Greemei is equipped with a tamper-proof nut or a tamper-proof protective cover. Do not install the wrong one. The cup must be strictly expanded during welding. It is extremely prone to leakage when the pliers are flared, and the weld is not smooth, and noise is easily generated, which affects the flow of the refrigerant. This requires attention.