What Is The Difference Between R404a And R507a

- Sep 29, 2019-

The difference of R404a and R507a are as follows:

1. Refrigerant R404A is made up of R125/R143a/R134a mixed at 44%/52%4%, R507 is mixed with R125/R143a according to 50%/50%, and the three components of R404A from the composition of the mixing components already contain the two components of R507.

Both refrigerants, ODP are 0 and do not destroy the ozone layer.

2.R404A and R507 pressure: temperature gauge data show that the pressure between the two is almost the same, the system will not have any impact, if you usually pay attention to the system accessories, especially the expansion valve on the sign on the sign is R404A and R507 shared.

3.R404A is a non-co-boiling mixture, which must be filled in liquid, while R507 is a co-boiling mixture.

4.R404A R134a increased mass transfer resistance to reduce the transmission chamber heat coefficient, while R507 heat transfer coefficient is higher than R404A.

5. Judging from the current manufacturer's use results, the R507's effect is indeed faster than the R404A's cooling speed.

6. Compared with the cost-performance ratio, R507 is 30-40% higher than R404A. 7.R404A and R507A are relatively close in performance, R404A compressor consumption than R507A 2.86% higher, low-pressure compressor exhaust temperature than R507A 0.58%, high-pressure compressor exhaust temperature than R507A 2.65%; COP is 0.01 higher than R507A and the median temperature is 6.14% lower than R507A.

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