What Is The Best Fire Extinguishing Agent In 5G Data Center?

- Oct 31, 2020-

The arrival of 5G data centers has put forward higher requirements for fire safety. Now FM200,HFC-227EA, HFC-236FA and new agent FK5-1-12 are best choice. To ensure data security, a non-corrosive, reliable fire extinguishing device must be used that does not damage electronic equipment. Heptafluoropropane gas FM 200  fire extinguishing devices are widely used in traditional computer rooms, container-type computer rooms and modular computer rooms in the new era because of their many specifications, cleanliness, fire-extinguishing efficiency, compatibility and linkage.  

As the demand for fire safety in the new era of 5G upgrades, FM200,HFC-236FA,FK5-1-12 will be further popularized and applied.