What Is The Appropriate Pressure When Adding Refrigerant For Air-conditioner?

- Apr 27, 2020-

When adding air conditioner refrigerant, you need to refer to the pressure on the pressure gauge. Different refrigerants have different pressures. 

The main factors affecting the air conditioning fluoride pressure are the type of refrigerant and the ambient temperature, which has nothing to do with the air conditioning power (how many horses), the same Pressure, the refrigerant filling volume (how many kilograms) of different power air conditioners are different, pressure is just an indicator, indicating whether the working state is normal.

 So how do you know how many kilograms of refrigerant need to be added to the air conditioner? 

Generally, the regular products are marked with the type of refrigerant charge on the outdoor nameplate. 

During the actual filling, unless the air-conditioning refrigerant completely leaks light, it can be filled quantitatively according to the filling amount on the external machine (the refrigerant cylinder is weighed electronically for filling). 

Under normal circumstances, the refrigerant is not leaked, which needs to be fluorinated according to the pressure, the specific pressure is as follows:

Refrigerant gas R22 for air conditioner    summer0.5MPA winter0.3MPA

Refrigerant gas R410a for air conditioner     summer0.8MPA  winter0.6MPA

refrigerant gas r410a for air conditioner