What Is The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Heptafluoropropane (FM200) Fire Extinguishing System

- Apr 19, 2020-

 The basic situation of Fire Extinguishing Agent FM200 (that is, heptafluoropropane): the chemical formula of heptafluoropropane HFC227ea is CF3CHFCF3. FM200 is an ideal substitute for halon. It has no destructive effect on the ozone layer of the atmosphere. The ODP of the ozone depleting atmosphere is zero, but it has a great greenhouse effect. Its potential GWP is as high as 2050. Fire Extinguishing HFC-227EA has a good fire extinguishing effect, and is recommended by the US Environmental Protection Agency and approved by the US NFPA2001 and ISO.

Fire extinguishing mechanism of  Fire Extinguishing HFC-227EA Gas for Halon 1301 Replacement: The fire extinguishing mechanism of FM200 is similar to the fire extinguishing mechanism of halogenated series fire extinguishing agents, which belongs to the category of chemical fire extinguishing. The thermal decomposition of fire extinguishing agents produces fluorine-containing free radicals, and H, The OH- and O2-active radicals act in the gas phase, thereby suppressing the chemical reaction in the combustion process to extinguish the fire.

The advantages of FM200 fire extinguishing system: FM200 has good fire extinguishing efficiency, fast fire extinguishing speed, good effect, low fire extinguishing concentration (8-10%), which is basically close to that of Halon 1301 fire extinguishing system (5-8%) The time is fast, the spraying is completed within 8 seconds to 10 seconds, and the fire is quickly extinguished.

Disadvantages of FM200 fire extinguishing system: As a substitute for halon, in addition to considering the environmental protection effect of the substitute itself, the acute toxicity of the substitute itself and the destructive effect of other substances generated during fire extinguishment on the protected object must also be considered.

1) The toxicity index can be measured with the following indexes, namely: NOAEL, LOAEL, LC50.


NOAEL: It is the highest concentration at which no adverse reactions are observed. At this concentration, no observed adverse reactions occurred in the tested animals during animal experiments. When the design concentration of any fire extinguishing agent is less than NOAEL, it can be considered to be suitable for manned areas or workplaces.LOAEL: It is the lowest concentration at which harmful effects can be observed. At this concentration, toxic reactions can be observed in experimental animals during animal experiments.

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