What Is Refrigerant R417a ?

- Oct 01, 2020-

Under normal temperature and pressure, Refrigerant R417A is a non-azeotropic mixture of chlorine-free fluoroalkane refrigerant, a colorless gas. It is a compressed liquefied gas stored in a steel cylinder. Its ODP is 0, so R417A is an environmentally friendly refrigerant that does not destroy the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

Main use: HFC-417A is mainly used to replace R22, with clean, low toxicity, non-flammable, and good cooling effect. It is used for heat pumps (replace R22 for OEM initial installation) and air conditioners (replace R22 for after-sales). Packaged in steel cylinders, the net weight is 11.3kg, 400kg, 1000kg.

Refrierant R417a