What Is Refrigerant R410a?

- Sep 01, 2019-

Refrigerant R410A is the leading HFC refrigerant for replacing R-22 in positive displacement residential and light commercial air-conditioning and heat pump systems. It has higher cooling capacity and significantly higher pressure than R-22 and an intrinsically low toxicity. Because it behaves like an azeotrope, it is easy to service in the field. And Refrigerant Gas R410A should be used only in systems specifically designed for R-410A. It is used for replacing Refrigerant Gas R410a.

Application of Refrigerant Gas
Refrigerant R410a is mostly applied in new residential and commercial air conditioning and heat pumps and positive displacement chillers.

Advantages of Refrigerant Gas R410a

Refrigerant R410A for air-conditioning has shown in tests to have 5-6% higher Energy Efficiency Rating(EER) than R22. R410A also has a higher capacity and pressure than R22, enabling the design of smaller, more compact air-conditioning equipment.

Refrigerant Gas R410a