What Is MAPP Gas?

- Aug 31, 2019-

MAPP gas for Portable Welding is a mixture of various hydrocarbons principally methylacetylene and propadiene.It produces a relatively hot flame (2976° C) with a high heat release in the primary flame (inner cone) (15, 445kJ/m3) less than for acetylene (18, 890 kJ/m3), but much higher than for propane (10, 433 kJ/m3).


The secondary flame also gives off a high heat release, similar to propane and natural gas The combination era lower flame temperature more distributed heat source and larger gas flows compared with acetylene results in a substantially slower pierce time.


The Property of of Mapp Gas is as follows:

1. The diameter of Mapp Gas for Portable Blazing is 75mm height 280mm and gross weight 880g convenient for holding and carrying.

2. The welding temperature of Welding Gas Mapp Gas can be reached 1350° C and the burning temperature can be reached 1980° C under condition of anaerobic combustion-supporting.

3. S The burning time can be gotten 2 hours and 40mins continuance under normal working circumstance.

4. Mapp Gas for replacing Map/Pro Welding Gas gurantee you good jointing and shorter working time because of its scientific blend proportion and favorable flame characteristic.