What Is Inert Gas Fire Extinguishing Agent And Its Advantages?

- Oct 21, 2020-

*What is an inert gas fire extinguishing agent?

1. Inert gas fire extinguishing agent is also known as IG series fire extinguishing agent, which is derived from the brand name of Inergen (smoke burned out) of ANSUL company. The number code added after it represents the composition ratio of nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide. . Inert gas fire extinguishing agents are all atmospheric components, which are taken from natural or industrial by-products, and are pure "green" gas fire extinguishing agents.

Note: INERGEN is one of the substitutes for halon fire extinguishing system developed by ANSUL, the brand name is INERGEN.

2. The current inert gas fire extinguishing agents mainly include IG541, IG01, IG100, IG55, etc. The "Code for Design of Gas Fire Extinguishing System" temporarily only includes IG541 gas fire extinguishing system.

Note: The composition of IG541 is the same as INERGEN. INERGEN is a registered trademark of ANSUL.

*The advantages of inert gas fire extinguishing agent:

1. Pure "green" gas fire extinguishing agent

Inert gas fire extinguishing agents are all atmospheric components and are derived from natural or industrial by-products. It is a pure "green" gas fire extinguishing agent with zero ozone depletion potential ODP and zero global warming potential GWP.

2. There is no cold shock effect when spraying, and will not cause visual obstacles

Under normal circumstances, chemical gas fire extinguishing agents are stored in liquefied form, and there will be a certain degree of condensation during spraying, which may affect the human body and high-precision equipment. At the same time, it will produce a large amount of condensed aerosol and cause visual disturbance. Inert gas fire extinguishing agents are usually stored in a gaseous state, and when sprayed, there is basically no condensation and no similar problems will occur.

3. No decomposition products

The main fire extinguishing mechanism of most chemical fire extinguishing agents is to extinguish the fire by interrupting the combustion chain, and there will be decomposition products at high temperatures. Inert gas fire extinguishing agent mainly extinguishes fire by suffocation, and there is basically no similar problem.

IG541 fire extinguishing agent