What Is Glass Bulb Spinkler And How Does It Work?

- Oct 09, 2020-

The glass bulb sprinkler is the key heat sensitive element in the automatic sprinkler system. The glass ball is filled with organic solutions with different expansion coefficients. After thermal expansion at different temperatures, the thermo bulb is broken, and the water in the pipeline is sprayed to different designs. The splash plate sprays upwards, downwards or to the side to achieve the purpose of automatic sprinklers. It is suitable for the automatic sprinkler system pipe network of factories, hospitals, schools, computer stores, hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and basements with an ambient temperature of 4℃~70℃.

Working principle: The glass sphere of the glass bulb sprinkler is filled with an organic solution with a high thermal expansion coefficient. At room temperature, the shell of the sphere can withstand

The fixed supporting force ensures the sealing performance of the nozzle. When a fire occurs, the temperature of the organic solution increases and expands until the glass body breaks, the ball seat, and the seal are washed away by the water flow after losing support, thus starting to spray fire. Structural features: The closed glass ball sprinkler consists of a sprinkler, a fire glass ball, a splash plate, a ball seat and seals, a set screw, etc. After passing the 3MPa sealing test and other full inspections and sampling inspection items, the Supplied to the market after curing adhesive for set screws

Re-disassembly and modification are not allowed after the installation.

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