What Is Fire Extinguisher Trolley ?

- Oct 07, 2020-

The cart-type dry powder fire extinguisher,or named fire extinguisher trolley,  is suitable for extinguishing the initial fires of combustible solids, combustible liquids, combustible gases and live equipment. Cart-type fire extinguishers are widely used in factories, warehouses, ships, gas stations, power distribution rooms, vehicles and other factories. Trolley-type carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are generally operated by two people. The trolley-type ABC dry powder fire extinguishers are equipped with ammonium phosphate dry powder rescue agent and nitrogen. When in use, two people push or pull the fire extinguisher to the burning place, and stop about 10 meters away from the burned material. After one person quickly removes the horn and turns over the eruption hose, grabs the handle of the root of the horn, and the other quickly presses it against Rotate the handwheel in the clockwise direction and open it to the full direction. The fire fighting method is the same as the portable method. When putting out the fire, you can quickly rush to the fire site with your hand or shoulder fire extinguisher, about 5 meters away from the burning place, and put down the fire extinguisher. If you are outdoors, you should choose to erupt in a dominant direction. Fire extinguishers include marine cart-type dry powder fire extinguishers, suspended ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishers, and ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishers.

Reminder: For dry powder fire extinguishers used in cart-type dry powder fire extinguishers, if an external pressure storage type operator should hold the spray gun in one hand, the other hand lift the open lifting ring on the gas cylinder. If the opening of the gas cylinder is a handwheel type, turn it counterclockwise and turn it to a high position, then lift the fire extinguisher. When the dry powder is sprayed out, it swiftly shoots at the root of the flame. If the dry powder fire extinguisher used has a built-in gas cylinder or a pressure storage type, the operator should first unplug the safety pin on the open handle, then grasp the nozzle at the front end of the eruption hose, and press the open handle with the other hand Next, turn on the fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. When using a fire extinguisher with an eruption hose or a pressure-storage fire extinguisher, you should keep pressing the handle with one hand and not let go, otherwise it will interrupt the eruption.

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