What Is F-500 Fire Extinguishing Agent?

- May 19, 2020-


F-500 fire extinguishing agent is a kind of multifunctional, environmental protection and high efficient extinguishing concentrate. It extinguishing fire from fuel, oxygen, heat and free radicals to effectively prevent and destroy combustion. F-500 foam fire extinguishing agent gathers advantages of current aqueous film forming, alcohol-resistant extinguishing concentrate, as well as another hydrophilic extinguishing concentrate. F500 agent adopts current most advantaged techniques of micro-capsule which can successfully put out the fire, control leakage of dangerous goods, volatilization of harmful gas, and cover dust to prevent them into black smoke only left white water mist. F500 fills in the blanks of firefighting technology in China

Its fire extinguishing speed is 6~10 times to common fire extinguishing agents.



Conventional Class A solid fires such as wood, paper, cotton, hay, coal, rubber.

Conventional Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires include non-polar solvent like oil, gas, kerosene, polar solvent like alcohol, ester, ketone, as well as the flammable metallic substance like magnesium, titanium.

F-500 fire extinguishing agent