What Is Dry Powder Fire Extinguishing Agent(introduction To Dry Powder Fire Entinguishing Agent)?

- Sep 30, 2019-

*Name: Dry powder fire extinguishing agent( ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishant,ABC Dry Chemcial Powder,BC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishing Agent, D Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishing Agent)

Main Componets: Baking soda(sodium bicarbonate), ammonium carbonate, ammonium phosphate salt

Application: Solid burning

Subcategory: Type of dry powder extinguishing agent by punching fire extinguisher

*Dry powder extinguishing agentis a small particle made by mixing the fire-fighting base material (e.g. baking soda, ammonium carbonate, ammonium phosphate, etc.) and the appropriate amount of lubricant (magnesium stearate, mica powder, talcum powder, etc.), a small amount of moisture-proof agent (silicone), which is made of carbon dioxide as a jet power. Introduction: sprayed powder, concentrated, fine particles, covered in solid burning material can constitute an isolation layer to block combustion, while precipitating non-gas, so that the concentration of oxygen in the air is reduced, the flame extinguished. The 8kg fire extinguishing machine can be sprayed for 14 to 18 seconds and has a range of about 4.5m.

It is suitable for extinguishing the initial fire of oil, flammable gas, electrical equipment and other items.

*Application range: dry powder fire extinguishing agent, can be filled in various types of portable and fixed dry powder extinguishing device, can be combined with fluorine foam extinguishing agent, water-forming film foam extinguishing agent, fire fighting tank of the initial fire, can quickly control the development of the flame, play a rapid fire extinguishing role.

Dry powder fire extinguishers, also known as powder fire extinguishing agents, can extinguish A, B, C,D types of fire.

The product is widely used in oil fields, oil depots, refineries, chemical plants, chemical warehouses, ships, airports and industrial and mining enterprises. Dry powder fire extinguishing agents are mostly installed in fire extinguishers, mainly used to fight all kinds of non-water-soluble and water-soluble flammable liquid fires, as well as natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas and other flammable gases fire or general live equipment fire. Phosphate dry powder extinguishing agents can also fight solid fires.

The combination of phosphate dry powder and fluoroprotein foam or water foam can effectively extinguish non-water-soluble liquid fires

*Classification: according to the type of dry powder fire extinguisher washed in: there is sodium bicarbonate dry powder fire extinguisher, also known as BC type dry powder fire extinguisher; 

*Fire extinguishing mechanism: dry powder fire extinguishing agent is usually stored in dry powder fire extinguishers or dry powder fire extinguishing equipment. When extinguishing a fire, the pressure of pressurized gas carbon dioxide or nitrogen is fired out of the nozzle, forming a misty powder flow of pressurized gas, which shoots at the burning material.

A series of physical chemical reactions in which dry powder comes into contact with flame are as follows: Sodium bicarbonate in dry powder is decomposed by high temperature, the reaction is heat absorption reaction, the reaction releases a large amount of carbon dioxide and water, water heat into water vapor and absorb a large amount of heat, play the role of cooling, dilution of flammable gas;

Reduces the evaporation rate of the liquid. 


1. Dry powder extinguishing agent can not be used with protein foam and general foam.

Because dry powder has a greater destructive effect on protein foam and general synthetic foam.

2. For some highly diffused gases such as: hydrogen, acetylene gas, dry powder injection after the gas difficult to dilute the entire space, for precision instruments, instruments will leave residue, with dry powder fire does not apply

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