What Is Difference Between Refrigerant R32 And Refrigerant R410a?

- Sep 22, 2019-

The difference between the air-conditioning refrigerant R32 and R410A is as follows:

1, thermal properties: R32 refrigerant charge is less, only 0.71 times R410A, R32 system operating pressure is higher than R410A, but the maximum increase does not exceed 2.6%, and R410A system pressure requirements.

2, environmental characteristics: R32 refrigerant GWP value (global warming potential) moderate, Refrigerant Gas R410A is only 2.5%, in CO2 emission reduction R32 refrigerant is significantly better than R410A refrigerant.

3, safety: HFC-R32 has combustible line, but Freon R32 combustion lower limit LFL (fire lower limit) is the highest, the least difficult to burn;

4, cycle performance: in the theoretical cycle performance, Refrigerant R32 system cooling capacity than R410A 12.6% higher, power consumption increased by 8.1%, comprehensive energy saving 4.3%, R32 refrigeration system than R410A energy efficiency ratio slightly increased.

Refrigerant Gas R32Refrigerant Gas R410a