What Is Clean Gas Fire Extinguishing Agent ?

- Oct 19, 2020-

1.Classification of clean gas fire extinguishing agent:

The current clean gas fire extinguishing agents can be divided into five categories:

A. Halon extinguishing agent (halon extinguishing agent): HALON 1211, HALON 1301

B. Hydrofluorocarbon fire extinguishing agent: heptafluoropropane, trifluoromethane, hexafluoropropane, etc. or namely: FM 200 (HFC-227EA), R23, FM 36 (HFC-236FA)

C. Perfluorohexanone(FK 5-1-12, or, NOVEC 1230)

D. Inert gas fire extinguishing agent: IG541, IG01, IG100, IG55.

E. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent:CO2 fire extinguishing agent.

Note 1: According to the definition of relevant specifications, carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent is not classified as clean gas fire extinguishing agent, but it has the characteristics of clean gas fire extinguishing agent and also meets its definition requirements, so it is included in this table.

Note 2: Heptafluoropropane is FM-200, FM-200 is a registered trademark of Great Lakes Chemical Company. It is called HFC-227EA in  commercial name.