What Is Aerosol Product?

- May 09, 2020-

* What is aerosol product?

*A: Aerosols are very small particles of liquid or solid matter suspended in the air. For example, fog is a normal aerosol. In aerosol packaging, the substance to be sprayed is pushed through the valve in the form of fine fog or foam. This provides a safe and effective way to distribute thousands of consumer products such as shaving creams, hairsprays, paints and antiperspirants. The medicinal aerosol products such as MDI must include propellant. The most commonly used propellant is HFA propellant R134a.

*Q:  What propellants are used in aerosol containers today?

*A:  Depending on the end-use, the product can be distributed from the aerosol container in the most efficient way using liquefied gas or compressed gas.The most popularly used now is Hfa-134A For Pharma Grade. CFC and HCFC are no longer used due to be harmful to environment.. They will not contribute to global warming. For example, in aerosol tanks, their contribution to lower levels of ozone formation is negligible.

For example, compressed gases such as carbon dioxide (the gas that causes soda to steam), such as household disinfectants, are used in products designed to provide rough sprays at close range. Nitrogen for contact lens cleaners and nitrous oxide for toping are also used as propellants.

HFA propellant R134a