What Is Advantages And Advantages Of Refrigerant R600a

- Sep 21, 2019-

Refrigerant brings us a lot of convenience, but also very practical, but everything is beneficial and negative, there are advantages and disadvantages, then r600a refrigerant has any advantages and disadvantages, presumably many people are very questionable.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of r600a refrigerant?

1, Advantages

(1)HC-r600a refrigerant not only non-destructive effect on the ozone layer, and no greenhouse effect, in line with the "Montreal Agreement" requirements, is one of the better R12 refrigerant substitutes.

(2) Because the green gas r600a refrigerant system operating pressure is low, so the refrigerator using r600a refrigerant noise is small.

(3) The cost of producing R600A Freon is low. 

(4) In the process of manufacturing R600A refrigerant, its loss is small, and each refrigerator filled with r600a refrigerant volume is small, as long as about 50g on the line.

(5) r600a refrigerant has no special requirements for its system materials, and the system is reliable.

2, Shortcomings

(1) Because of the flammability of R600A refrigerant, it is easy to cause combustion and explosion if the r600a refrigerant is not used properly.

(2) In the production process of r600a refrigerant needto be put into safety and explosion-proof measures.

(3) R600a refrigerant is not suitable for air-cooled refrigeratorand and large-dose filling refrigerator.

Refrigerant R600a