What Is A CBD Inhaler?

- Aug 23, 2019-

HFA-134A for CBD inhaler

Some people may be confused on the CBD inhaler and the CBD evaporator. The two are very different.


The CBD inhaler, use HFA-134A for CBD inhaler as propellant, looked like an asthma inhaler, is a pressurized pump. When the booster pump is used, a precisely measured milligram of CBD is released into the lungs, which then enters the bloodstream and then immediate treatment remission occurs.


The CBD inhaler, propelled with Hydrofluoroalkane 134a, is a new member of the cannabis and cannabis industry. The 2018 Agricultural Act legalizes industrial cannabis, and the growing demand for cannabis products has led to the need for multiple ways to consume CBD and other cannabis products.


The CBD oil used in the CBD inhaler is specifically designed for the precise dose per use. This means that the full spectrum CBD or hemp oil is micellized.


Micellization is the process of forming a colloidal solution of molecules into a uniform distribution. This allows each spray to have exactly the same milligram dose.


There are currently three types of CBD inhalers on the market, which are of high quality and well-made.

Hydrofluoroalkane for CBD inhaler