What Are The Characteristics And Temperature Of Refrigerant Gas R410a, Refrigerant Gas R32?

- Aug 05, 2019-

  • Refrigerant Gas R410a for air-conditioner:

R410a is a refrigerant of HFCs which is a mixture of R32 and R125 in 50% and 50% mass fraction. R410a refrigerant is non-flammable, ODP is 0, and the global warming coefficient value GWP is 2340, so R410a is not a true environmentally friendly refrigerant.

The standard pressure of R410a has a bubble point temperature of -51.6 ° C and a phase transition temperature slip of less than 0.2 ° C. It is a near-azeotropic mixture and its thermodynamic properties are very close to that of a single working fluid. R410a refrigerant has a capacity and pressure higher than R22, and the operating pressure is 50%-60% higher. The R410a's operating noise is significantly 2-4 decibels lower than the R22 compressor.

Due to the high pressure and high density of R401A, the diameter of the refrigerant is much reduced, and the size and displacement of the compressor can be greatly reduced. At the same time, the R410A liquid phase has high thermal conductivity and low viscosity, which makes it have better transmission characteristics than R22.

                               R410a refrigerant temperature and pressure comparison table


  • Refrigerant Gas R32 for air-conditioner:

Chemical name: Difluoromethane;

molecular formula: CH2F2, R32 

colorless, odorless, lightly burned (A2 grade), 

boiling point (oC, atmospheric pressure): -51.6. 

The combustion limit in air is 14%~31% (volume ratio). 

At room temperature, HFC-32 has stable structure and is not easy to decompose, but it decomposes into HF, carbonyl fluoride when exposed to open flame and high temperature, and the ignition temperature is 647.8 °C. Here, the refrigeration encyclopedia is swearing, R32 refrigerant equipment must be vacuumed, must be banned!

R32 refrigerant is easily soluble in oil and hardly soluble in water. The ozone depletion potential ODP is 0, and the global warming coefficient value GWP is 670. The pressure is about 60% higher than R22. The product needs to withstand high pressure, and the tools and equipment used for maintenance also need to withstand high pressure. The pressure is comparable to R410A, and the thermal performance of R32 and R410A is very close.

In fact, regarding the training of R32 refrigerant, our refrigeration encyclopedia platform has been published many times. Many friends are asking me, R32 refrigerant is flammable and explosive, why are there many manufacturers using R32 refrigerant? Because R32 refrigerant has a CO2 (carbon dioxide) emission reduction ratio of 77.6% compared with R22, while R410A reduces CO2 (carbon dioxide) by 2.5%.

           R32 refrigerant temperature and pressure comparison table: