What Are Risks Of Refrigerant Gas Accidents

- Apr 03, 2020-

Freon gas such as refrigerant gas r134a, refrigerant r410,refrigerant r1234yf for car air conditioning are organic compounds containing fluorine. It is a good refrigerant and safer and more reliable to use than ammonia. It is also necessary to operate strictly in accordance with normative standards during production, otherwise safety accidents are likely to occur.

◆ Freon accident risk warning:

1. Freon itself is non-toxic and is a choking gas. Freon is heavier than air.

After a leak, it will stay in a low and poorly ventilated place and mix with air.At a certain concentration, it causes hypoxia in the environment, and people staying in this environment can cause asphyxia due to hypoxia, excessive inhalation or prolonged breathing can inhibit respiratory function,stunned and even died.

2. Freon meets an open flame and can be decomposed to generate phosgene under the action of water vapor, etc.

Poisonous and harmful gases such as hydrogen chloride and hydrogen fluoride can cause poisoning.

3. Direct contact of human body with liquid Freon can cause frostbite.

4. If the container or cylinder storing Freon is exposed to high heat, the internal pressure will increase and there will be risk of cracking and physical explosion.