What Are Foam Fire Extinguishing Agent(II)?

- Oct 05, 2019-

Foam fire extinguishing agent can fight flammable liquid effective fire extinguishing agent, it is mainly in the liquid surface to produce condensed foam floating layer, suffocating and cooling. Foam extinguishing agents are divided into chemical foam, air foam, fluorin foam, water-forming film foam and soluble foam.It has Wide range of applications.

Fluorine foam extinguishing agent (MPF) 

When ordinary protein foam passes through the oil layer, because it can not resist oil pollution, the oil itself after rising to the oil surface contains enough oil to make it burn, resulting in the destruction of the foam.

Add a fluorocarbon surfactant to the air foam solution, i.e. to produce a fluoroprotein foam. Fluorocarbon surfactant has good surface activity, high thermal stability, good immersion and fluidity. As the foam passes through the oil layer, the oil does not spread into the foam and is separated into small droplets of oil. These small droplets are wrapped in uncontaminated foam, forming an unburned layer of foam wrapped in small droplets on the surface of the oil layer, which does not burn even if the foam contains up to 25% gasoline, and when the ordinary air foam layer contains 10% gasoline.

Therefore, this fluorine foam extinguishing agent is suitable for oil fire extinguishing at higher temperatures, and is suitable for liquid jet fire extinguishing.

Water-forming film foam extinguishing agent (MPQ) 

Water-forming membrane foam extinguishing agent is also known as "light water" foam extinguishing agent, short for: AFFF, or fluorine foam extinguishing agent.

It consists of fluorocarbon surfactants, non-fluorine surfactants (carbon-chlorine surfactants or silicone surfactants) and additives that improve foam performance (foam stabilizers, antifreezes, solvent-assisted solvents, thickeners, etc.) and water. According to the size of the foam ingested multiple (expansion rate) after foaming solution, foam extinguishing agent can be divided into low multiples, medium multiples and high multiples.

The foaming multiple is called a low multiple below 20 times, 20-200 times the medium multiple, and 200-1000 times the high multiple.

The formula for calculating a foam multiple is:

Foaming multiples - foam volume/solution volume

The foaming multiple softened by the usual foam extinguishing agent is 6-8 times, and less than 4 times can no longer be used.

F-500 Fire Extinguishing Agent