What Are Benefits Of Using A CBD Inhaler With HFA Hydrofluoroalkane Propellant

- Aug 28, 2019-

There are many benefits that come with using a CBD inhaler(using 99.99% Hfa-134A propellant For Pharma Grade). Below are some reasons why switching to a CBD inhaler might be a great option for many.

CBD Inhalers Help With Asthma:

CBD is well-known as a potent anti-inflammatory. Asthma is a chronic condition where oxygen becomes restricted as the tubes swell and narrow.

Although there are many reasons why asthma develops and sometimes worsens, it is nonetheless a chronic inflammatory condition.

Therefore, it makes sense that, because CBD is highly effective at reducing chronic inflammation, that it would reduce asthma symptoms.

A large 20-year study done by the University of California, the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, and the University of Alabama concluded in 2012 that moderate cannabis consumption improved lung functioning without any lung damage.

Using CBD Inhalers To Quit Smoking:

HFA hydrofluoroalkane CBD inhalers have the potential to help people quit smoking.

A 2013 study done by the University College London revealed that 12 nicotine-dependent smokers given CBD inhalers with HFA-134A propellant saw a 40 percent drop in their need for cigarettes. The placebo group, which also involved 12 men, did not show any improvements.

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