Types Of Room Air Conditioner Compressors

- Sep 20, 2020-

The compressor in the room air conditioner generally adopts a fully enclosed structure, which seals the motor as the motive power and the compressor that compresses the refrigerant in a container, and contains lubricating oil and lubricating mechanism for smooth operation. There are three types of common air conditioner compressors: reciprocating piston compressor, scroll compressor, and rolling rotor compressor.

1. Reciprocating piston compressor

The reciprocating piston compressor is mainly composed of a cylinder, a piston, a crankshaft and a connecting rod mechanism. The crankshaft is driven by the motor to rotate, and the piston reciprocates up and down in the cylinder through the connecting rod. Each time the compressor completes a cycle, the crankshaft rotates one circle, in turn Carry out a compression, exhaust, expansion and suction process. The compressor runs continuously under the drive of the motor, and the piston reciprocates continuously in the cylinder to realize the refrigeration cycle.

2. Scroll compressor

The scroll compressor is a compressor with a compressible volume composed of a fixed involute scroll and an eccentric orbiting and translational involute scroll. The unique design of the scroll compressor makes it an energy-saving compressor in the world today. The main operating part of the scroll compressor is only dirty and not worn, so it has a longer life and is known as a maintenance-free compressor. The scroll compressor runs smoothly, has low vibration, and has a quiet working environment. It is also known as the "super static compressor". The scroll compressor has the advantages of novel and precise structure, small size, low noise, light weight, low vibration, low energy consumption, long life, continuous and stable gas transmission, reliable operation, clean air source, etc.

3. Rolling rotor compressor

Rolling rotor compressors, also called rotary compressors, have an electric motor at the upper part and a compressor at the lower part. The entire cylinder is almost completely immersed in refrigerant oil. The rotor in the cylinder is driven by an eccentric shaft and rolls along the cylinder wall in the cylinder. There is a through groove on the cylinder wall, and there is a sliding block in the groove. Their matching accuracy is very high. The sliding block and the rotor are matched and slide in the groove. Under the action of the spring, it is in close contact with the outer wall of the rotor to form a moving Sealing, the space between the rotor and the cylinder wall is divided into two parts: the air inlet cavity and the compression cavity. Every time the eccentric shaft rotates, the air inlet cavity will enter into the air while the compression cavity completes the compression and exhaust process. The main feature is that there is a gas-liquid separator next to it.