True And False Refrigerants Are Easy To Distinguish

- Jun 26, 2019-

Real and Fake Refrigerants Are Easy To Distinguish

Refrigerants are the medium substances used in various heat engines to complete energy conversion. These materials typically increase power with a reversible phase change, such as gas-liquid phase change. Such as steam in steam engines, snow in refrigerants, etc. In general, the steam engine releases the heat of the steam and converts it into mechanical energy to generate the motive force. The refrigerant snow is used to transmit the heat at a low temperature to a high temperature.

  1. The quality of the refrigerant affects the operation of the whole machine and will cause great harm to the refrigeration system.

  2. How should we tell the authenticity of the refrigerant?

  Departure from R22

  R22, CHCLF2, is a pure substance with a purity of at least 99%. However, the current R22, which is counterfeit on the market, contains other corrosive substances such as methyl chloride and has a high proportion. Methyl chloride is highly corrosive and can cause severe corrosion to the compressor of the refrigeration unit, resulting in the compressor being scrapped.

  When the inferior refrigerant hits the foam, the foam begins to corrode and dissolve slowly; this is not the case with the genuine R22 refrigerant.

  For other refrigerants, we can use the following methods to make a simple judgment:

  method one

  Invert the refrigerant tank and release a small amount of refrigerant onto a piece of white paper; if there are obvious impurities or liquid water on the white paper, the refrigerant quality is not good and it is not recommended.

  Method Two

  Connect the pressure gauge to test the refrigerant bottle pressure. Check the pressure in the bottle to check whether the pressure inside the bottle is within the normal range. If the pressure is abnormal, it is not recommended.

  Method three

  The pressure inside the bottle was tested again when the refrigerant was used halfway. For a single component refrigerant such as R22, the pressure of the two bottles should be very close. If the refrigerant is a poor quality refrigerant, usually mixed with a variety of components, after the use of the refrigerant in the bottle due to changes in the composition ratio, usually the pressure inside the bottle will be greatly different, such as this phenomenon, it is recommended to stop The use of refrigerant, and the refrigerant that has been injected into the system should be emptied in time to avoid pollution to the system.

  Method four

  In the system commissioning and operation phase, if the following abnormal phenomena are found, it is recommended to check the purity of the refrigerant in the system to check whether the refrigerant in the system is inferior.

  (1) The refrigeration capacity of the system is obviously insufficient and it has been checked. If no other abnormalities are found, attention should be paid to the refrigerant;

  (2) The system dryer, filter or expansion valve is clogged, and the blockage is yellow-yellow waxy or black sludge-like foreign matter, so pay attention to the refrigerant;

  (3) When there is high or low pressure or temperature abnormality during system operation, or when the system is in shutdown state, the system balance pressure is abnormal, and the refrigerant should be viewed.

  For the normal operation of the unit, protect the system and refuse to use inferior refrigerant.