There Is A Big Breakthrough In Refrigerants! New Technology Breaks Monopoly

- Jun 04, 2019-

There is a big breakthrough in refrigerants! New technology breaks monopoly

  After years of in-depth research, the project team mainly develops the core technology of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and hydrofluoroolefin HFOs, the development of high-efficiency catalysts, and develops new models through in-depth research on the mechanism of fluorination and chlorofluorocarbon exchange reactions. Formulation of fluorination catalyst and micro/nano structure construction, preparation and molding process and fluorination method. The research broke through the key common technology card neck problem, realized the localization of new refrigerant technology, improved the new refrigerant technology level in China, and provided theoretical basis and reference for the development of similar products.

  In the project, Zhejiang Normal University is mainly responsible for the mechanism and formulation of fluorination catalysts, using micro-nano structure control technology to control the behavior of additives, pore structure and specific surface area, and study the material physics of fluorination catalysts for gas phase catalytic production of HFCs and HFOs. Chemical engineering issues. The preparation and characterization methods of fluorination catalysts were determined. The microstructure of the catalysts was analyzed, which laid a theoretical foundation for the industrial application of fluorination catalysts.

Juhua Group

  It is reported that Juhua Group Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Normal University have also established a joint R&D center for technology cooperation ODS substitute catalysts. In the past five years, they have undertaken 37 research projects of various types, with a total research fund of more than 12 million yuan, and won 6 scientific research awards at all levels. Among them, there are 3 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards.

  The main person in charge of the project, Zhou Lijun, general manager of Juhua Group Co., Ltd. told the reporter that the project has achieved sales revenue of nearly 3 billion yuan in the past three years, sales profit of nearly 600 million yuan, and foreign exchange earned by export of 100 million US dollars. At the same time, it also obtained 5 Chinese invention patents, 2 US invention patents, and 1 Japanese invention patent. Juhua presided over or participated in the formulation of 3 national and industry standards.

  In addition, the project undertaker has achieved remarkable results in energy saving, quality improvement and efficiency improvement. The use of independent research and development technology to build the first domestic industrialized production equipment for domestically produced hydrofluoroolefin products, boosted the transformation and upgrading of China's fluorine refrigerant industry, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions after product application by 97%, fulfilling international conventions for China. The realization of greenhouse gas emission reduction targets provides technical support and has important economic, social and environmental values.