The Improvement Of Mapp Gas

- Jan 28, 2019-

As we all know, MAPP GAS is used as welding gas, brazing gas and soldering gas. However, though with same name as MAPP GAS, its formula has been changed and function improved.

The previous MAPP gas was originally composed of methyl, acetylene, propadiene and propane. Its production ended in North America. Current products with name "MAPP" or “Map pro” are its substitutes

Then Mapp Gas was further developed and optimized in formula. Before our new components of MAPP GAS were completed, features and performance of dozens of fuel gas and additive were compared; finally the components were fixed as Propylene, Propane and Dimethyl Ether, the most perfect formula ever.

This newly-developed Mapp Gas for hand torch fuel is very eco-friendly and scientific. The combustion products are only Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and water, having no pollution to the environment. With our special welding torch, the burning temperature can reach 1350°C in very short time even with no support of pure oxygen combustion (tested in the lab), This temperature can meet the welding needs of most metal material.

Furthermore, unlike Oxygen – Acetylene fuel, our unique Mapp Gas is safe for use as there is no flashback when burning. It is all suitable for HVAC project installation, routine maintenance and outdoor operation(Even if the ambient temperature is 0, the pressure still can reach 4.5Bar min., it can be operated normally under low temperature or on high mountains). Besides, its burning flame is diminishbb. The oxidized hot metal on the surface of welding joint can be stored thus the quality of welding improved. It can burn fully with clean flame and no uncomfortable dark smoke like Oxygen – Acetylene burning.