The Government And The Industry Join Forces To Defend Green Cooling Together!

- Apr 29, 2019-

The government and the industry join forces to defend green cooling together!


On April 9th, the first major event of the 20th official forum of China Refrigeration Exhibition in 2019 was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. This international forum event was co-sponsored by the Danish Embassy in China and the China Refrigeration Society. It was supported by the China Refrigeration Exhibition Organizing Committee and hosted by Danfoss China.

China Refrigeration forum

The organizers and co-organizers of this international forum also sincerely hope that more government departments, more industry organizations and more enterprises can adopt or draw on this industry standard to guide and promote the safety evaluation of ammonia refrigeration systems. Work to raise the level of safety management in the industry to a new level. This international forum has also brought in-depth industry information sharing for China's ammonia refrigeration industry, showing the rapid development of new technologies and solutions. Green development, technological innovation, and creative future will become the common direction of industry development.

China Refrigeration 2019