The Goods Belong To Class 2-6 Cannot Be Shipped Out Through Qingdao Port From Aug. 1st, 2017

- Aug 10, 2017-

Because of the pressure of enviromental pollution at northeast of China, the goods belong to dangerous products  (meaning class 2-6) cannot be allowed to export through Qingdao port China SINCE AUGUST 1st, 2017, mainly as Refrigerant Gas, Freon Gas, Poisonous Gas, Toxic Solid, Oxidizing Substance and etc,  thus, we estimate that the price of refrigerant gas will be steady for a short time, and then increased gradually.


Our factory (Zhejian Juhua Co., Ltd) is closed to Ningbo port, China, so we can ship the the goods normally as usual,  and we would like to keep updated the prices for the customers when the market would be fluctuated.

qingdao port.jpgqingdao port.jpg