Temperature And Pressure Comparison Table Of Refrigerant R410a

- Jun 19, 2020-

Usually according to the standard evaporation temperature of refrigerant, it is divided into high, medium and low temperature. The standard evaporation temperature refers to the evaporation temperature under standard atmospheric pressure, that is, the boiling point.

  Low-pressure high-temperature refrigerant: the evaporation temperature is higher than 0℃, and the condensing pressure is lower than 29.41995×104Pa. This type of refrigerant is suitable for centrifugal refrigeration compressors in air conditioning systems.

 Medium pressure medium temperature refrigerant: Evaporation temperature -50 ~ 0 ℃, condensing pressure (196.113 ~ 29.41995) × 104Pa. This type of refrigerant is generally used in ordinary single-stage compression and two-stage compression piston refrigeration systems.

 High-pressure low-temperature refrigerant: the evaporation temperature is lower than -50℃, and the condensing pressure is higher than 196.133×104Pa. This type of refrigerant is suitable for the low temperature part of the cascade refrigeration device or the low temperature device below -70 ℃.

*Refrigerant R410a: 

 R410a is a HFCs refrigerant composed of two working fluids R32 and R125 mixed with 50% and 50% mass fraction. R410a refrigerant is non-flammable, ODP is 0, and GWP is 2340, so R410a is not a truly environmentally friendly refrigerant.

 R410a has a bubble point temperature of -51.6°C at standard pressure and a phase transition temperature slip of less than 0.2°C. It is a near-azeotropic mixture, and its thermodynamic properties are very close to a single working substance. The capacity and pressure of R410a refrigerant are higher than R22, and the operating pressure is 50%-60% higher. The operating noise of R410a is obviously 2-4 dB lower than that of R22 compressor.

 Due to the high pressure and high density of R401A, the refrigerant pipe diameter is reduced greatly, and the size and displacement of the compressor can also be greatly reduced; at the same time, the thermal conductivity of the liquid phase of R410A is high, and the viscosity is low, which has the transmission characteristics significantly better than R22.

  Temperature and Pressure Comparison Table (Refrigerant R410a)

Temperature and Pressure Comparision of Refrigerant Gas R410a