Semi-closed Screw Air Compressors Have Been Upgraded, And Many Products Have Been Launched!

- Nov 20, 2018-

Semi-closed screw air compressors have been upgraded, and many products have been launched!


Today's medium and low temperature screw market is in a relatively high growth period, mainly because of the state's control over the approval of ammonia projects, many new projects or old ammonia banks have to be converted into Freon compressors; and the design needs of medium and large cold storage, especially The screw parallel technology is mature, and the screw control system has been more and more accepted by users in these years. At the same time, the design of low temperature conditions requires the expansion of application requirements for screw compressors.


In addition, the core technology of screw compressors is gradually being mastered by more and more enterprises, and domestic consumers are increasingly demanding the quality of compressors. As a representative of high-quality products, screw compressors have relied on semi-closed piston compression. The customer of the machine is also trying to learn to use a screw compressor, which further promotes the application of semi-closed screw compressors.


Therefore, in the 2018 China Cold Expo, Hanzhong Jingji, Fusheng, Zhejiang Daming, Snowman, Kobelco, Suzhou Lixi and other international and domestic brands brought innovative products to the Cold Expo. The vortex screw single-stage two-stage compressor, the wide-temperature zone single-machine two-stage compressor and the subcritical CO2 compressor, and the new refrigeration screw compressor are used to detonate the market. Carbon dioxide exploration, energy efficiency upgrade, low temperature breakthrough, cooling capacity expansion... can enhance the competitiveness of engineering and equipment manufacturers and other products and technologies.

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According to the on-site interview of “Refrigeration Business”, Fusheng launched the world's first vortex screw single-machine two-stage compressor at the Cold Expo, which detonated the low temperature market. The vortex screw single-stage two-stage compressor converts the traditional two-stage two-stage screw into a scroll, and the clearance volume of the vortex compression is small, up to 95%, so the efficiency is 30% higher than that of the conventional screw.


Hanzhong Seiki also brought LB's new series of low-temperature dedicated high-efficiency compressors and LT-S series low-temperature single-machine two-stage compressors to the low-temperature market. Among them, LB-PLUS is suitable for the refrigeration and refrigeration field of Kuwen-35~-5°C, such as medium and low temperature storage cold storage, quick freezing storage, quick freezing tunnel and so on. The excellent structural design of the LT-S series double-stage compression makes it more than 30% higher in speed application than ordinary single-stage compression, and the system cooling capacity has also been greatly improved, which is suitable for the application requirements of quick-freezing tunnels and quick-freezing libraries.


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In addition, Zhejiang Daming, Suzhou Lixi, etc. are also actively following up, and continuously improve from the aspects of technology, quality control, and service support.


On the one hand, traditional screw enterprises continue to exert their strength in the low-temperature market, while domestic enterprises are closely followed. Although it is too early to break the existing pattern, fierce competition is inevitable.