Refrigeration System Commissioning

- May 24, 2019-

Refrigeration System Commissioning

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During the commissioning phase of the refrigeration system, if the following anomalies are found, the refrigerant must be checked:

1) The system's cooling capacity is obviously insufficient and no other abnormalities are found after inspection;

2) The system drying filter or expansion valve is clogged, and the blockage is yellow-colored waxy or black sludge-like foreign matter;

3) High and low pressure or temperature anomalies occur during system operation, or the system balance pressure is abnormal during shutdown.

Treatment: The refrigerant is extracted for purity detection, and the compressor side refrigerant is emptied or the whole system refrigerant is released to avoid the potentially inferior refrigerant contacting the compressor and damaging the compressor.

Inferior refrigerants will cause great damage to the entire refrigeration system, causing huge losses to users. Therefore, choosing the right supplier and high-quality products is responsible for themselves and responsible for customers.