Refrigeration Equipment Maintenance You Have To Know

- Aug 03, 2018-

Good equipment also needs proper maintenance

Otherwise in this hot summer day

A small strike that will not wait for the cold cabinets to be irregular

It's quite a headache!


Xiaobian asked the senior technicians to discuss the following small tricks.

Now share with you:

1. Equipment condenser cleaning and maintenance should be carried out once every half month

1. Screw the boot chamber screw

2. Remove the filter and clean it with water. After cleaning, dry the water with a dry cloth.

3. After cleaning and maintenance, plug in the power supply in sequence, turn on the “Power” power switch, the device starts; turn on the “Light” light switch, the light in the cabinet lights up; then turn on the “Defog” defogger switch. If the demisting switch is not turned on, it will cause fog or water droplets in the front large glass;

                  Before                             After

heat compressor.jpg

             Before                                  After

refrigerants used in ac.jpg

Special attention: the hand can not touch the fins to avoid cuts. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the dust can not be cleaned up and need to be cleaned with compressed air of 7-8KG/cm2 until the air is circulated between the fins of the heat-dissipating coil;

2. Equipment cleaning and maintenance should be carried out once a month

1. Turn off the device power before cleaning

2. Pull out the plug and cut off the power completely

3. Remove and transfer all items in the cabinet

4. Thoroughly scrub all surfaces with warm water and a mild detergent

air conditioning heating.jpg

Special attention: Do not rinse with water, avoid electric leakage of electrical parts such as fan motor, clean it, open all sliding door ventilation, plug in the power after drying, turn on the equipment, and then put the items when the temperature reaches the set temperature.

3. Clean the cabinet and the drain

Use a small screwdriver to pry open the corner of the bottom glass and remove the air outlet, garbage and drain.

cooling refrigeration.jpg