Refrigeration Charging Hose

- Jan 16, 2019-

Air-conditioning refrigeration charging hose: In the replacement of air-conditioning copper pipe, it has been applied for nearly 10 years, and the factory agrees with the quality of air-conditioning hose.

First, air conditioning refrigeration charging hoses are simpler to use than copper tubes.

The air-conditioning connecting hose can be used directly without welding. The capillary needs to be bent to adjust the angle, measure the length, and finally has to be welded to the equipment, which is very troublesome to use.

Second, air conditioning refrigeration charging hoses are cheaper than copper pipes.

Since 2017, due to the impact of domestic environmental protection, the raw materials have risen sharply, and the price of copper pipes has remained high this year. In contrast, the price of rechargeable refrigeration hoses is relatively cost-effective.

Third, the air conditioning hose does not leak gas.

After effective testing, cold and high temperature resistance, pressure and explosion proof, wear and anti-aging.