Refrigerants Characteristics And Temperature Tables (I) (Refrigerant R22)

- Aug 02, 2019-

Usually according to the standard evaporation temperature of the refrigerant, it is divided into three categories: high, medium and low temperature. The standard evaporation temperature refers to the evaporation temperature at standard atmospheric pressure, which is the boiling point.

Low-pressure high-temperature refrigerant: the evaporation temperature is higher than 0 ° C, and the condensation pressure is lower than 29.41995 × 104 Pa. This type of refrigerant is suitable for use in centrifugal refrigeration compressors for air conditioning systems.

Medium-pressure medium-temperature refrigerant: evaporation temperature -50 ~ 0 °C, condensation pressure (196.113 ~ 29.41995) × 104Pa. Such refrigerants are generally used in conventional single stage compression and two stage compression piston refrigeration systems.

High-pressure low-temperature refrigerant: the evaporation temperature is lower than -50 ° C, and the condensation pressure is higher than 196.133 × 104 Pa. Such refrigerants are suitable for use in low temperature sections of cascade refrigeration units or cryogenic units below -70 °C.

There are a lot of refrigerants on the market. Now I have a lot of common refrigerant characteristics and temperature pressure tables. I hope to help everyone.

  1. Refrigerant R22 for industrial, commercial, and domestic air conditioning systems:

Freon Gas R22 is also a Freon(HCFC GAS ) refrigerant, the chemical name is Difluorochloromethane R22, and the chemical formula is CHF2Cl. It is a medium-pressure medium-temperature refrigerant with a boiling point of -40.8 ° C, a freezing point of -160 ° C, a critical temperature of 96 ° C, and a critical pressure of 4.974 MPa. R22 does not burn, does not explode, has low toxicity, but has strong penetrability and is difficult to find.

The unit volume of R22 is similar to that of ammonia refrigerant. The R22 can be passed through a two-stage compression or air conditioning refrigeration system to achieve a minimum temperature of -80 ° C, but is not economical.

R22 refrigerant temperature and pressure comparison table