Refrigerante R32 Vs Refrigerant R23

- Apr 23, 2019-

Refrigerante r32 vs Refrigerant R23

gas refrigerante r32

◆ R32 is mainly used to replace R22. It is a gas at normal temperature. It is a colorless transparent liquid under its own pressure. It is easily soluble in oil and hardly soluble in water. The burning limit of R32 in air is 14%~31%. Although it has zero ozone depletion potential, it has a high global warming potential, which is 550 times that of carbon dioxide.

R32 has a certain flammability. Compared with R410A refrigerant, R32 has a saturation pressure of about 3% and a cooling capacity of about 5%.

◆ R23 refrigerant does not destroy the ozone layer at all. It is an environmentally friendly refrigerant approved and recommended by most countries in the world, and it is also one of the mainstream environmentally friendly refrigerants. As a widely used ultra-low temperature refrigerant, R23 is mainly used in cryogenic equipment such as environmental test chambers/equipment (cold heat shock tester), freeze dryer/freeze dryer, ultra-low temperature refrigerator or freezer, blood bank refrigerator, biochemical test chamber, etc. Including scientific research refrigeration, medical refrigeration, etc., more common in the low temperature level of these cascade refrigeration systems.