Refrigerant Gas Price Update July 23,2020

- Jul 23, 2020-

July 23, 2020: Recently, the refrigerant market has continued to operate at a weaker pace, and downstream demand has not improved. Domestic air-conditioning companies and refrigerant supply companies have shown a stalemate on prices. At the same time, there is no positive boost in refrigerant exports. The overall market is supported by cost. However, some companies The release of new production capacity is eager to open up the market, and the industry as a whole is more difficult to support the market. Therefore, the pressure on production enterprises is difficult to reduce, and the middlemen's wait-and-see sentiment remains unabated.

  • Raw materials:

The methylene chloride market is operating stably. Shandong methylene chloride is quoted at around 2100 yuan/ton. The market supply is relatively stable, and the overall weak operation continues. With the impact of some enterprises' load reduction in the later period, the market will inevitably rise;

The trichloromethane market is greatly affected by the production of R22, and the demand is not good. The Shandong quotation is around 1,900 yuan/ton;

The trichloroethylene market is operating stably, and the market price is around 4,500 yuan/ton. Although the new R134A production capacity is partially started, the cost pressure of R134A is obvious;

The market price of tetrachloroethylene is around 4,300 yuan/ton, and the market is still weak;

The supply of hydrofluoric acid in the market has increased, and the price has remained at around 8,300 yuan/ton. The supply of fluorite in the market is improving, and the prospect of a downturn in the hydrofluoric acid market remains.

  • Refrigerant:

R22: The quotation of R22 for ODS use is around 16,000 yuan/ton, and market procurement is relatively cautious, and production quotas are still the main factor to stabilize the market; the market price of R22 for raw materials is around 9,500 yuan/ton;

R32: The market competition is still fierce, and it is not easy for the market to rise. Affected by the cost, the production enterprises still maintain a low start, and the market price is around 12,000 yuan/ton;

R125: The company is losing money, and the supply is not good. The market price is around 15,500 yuan/ton, and the company may be willing to rise due to the impact of costs in the later period;

R134A: It is reported that there is a quotation in the market around 16,000 yuan/ton, and the transaction can be negotiated. The competition among production enterprises is fierce, and the market continues to be fierce competition in the later stage;

To sum up, the R22 market is affected by ODS quotas, and manufacturers are very active; and for Hfc series (R32, R125, R134A, R143A, etc.) refrigerants, because of the impact of the Kigali amendment, companies will still choose to fight for the future Therefore, the possibility of overall shutdown of new capacity enterprises is extremely small. It is expected that the refrigerant market as a whole will continue its weak operation, and the prices of individual products will undergo narrow adjustments.