Recycling And Reuse Of Refrigerant

- May 15, 2019-

Recycling And Reuse Of Refrigerant

Since many types of refrigerants are emitted into the atmosphere, which will damage the ozone layer, efforts should be made to reduce refrigerant leakage into the atmosphere, reduce environmental pollution, and save and recycle refrigerant.

The recovery machine can be divided into: according to the pressure of the refrigerant to be recovered.

1. Low-pressure high-temperature refrigerant recovery machine (for R123, R1233ZD, R245FA)

2. Medium pressure medium temperature refrigerant recovery machine (for R134A, R22, R407C, R410A, R32)

3. High-pressure low-temperature refrigerant recovery machine (for R13, R23, R503, R508A)

According to the function of the recycling machine, it can be divided into:

Single recovery type;

2. Recycling purification;

3. Recycling, purification, vacuuming, filling machine