Recent Methylene Chloride Price: Rise Or Stable?

- Sep 11, 2020-

The methylene chloride market remained stable after rising. As of September 10, the average price  was around 2280 yuan/ton, an increase of 4.59% from the beginning of the month and an increase of 0.88% from the same period last month.    

At present, the dichloromethane market is in the wait-and-see stage after the rise. The high price of the raw material liquid chlorine and some traders began to stock up before the holiday. The price of dichloromethane has risen and the enthusiasm for receiving orders in the downstream market has declined recently. The market transactions have slowed down. Wait and see.

In the upstream market, the methanol market is affected by corporate maintenance and downstream demand. In the short term, positive factors still exist. Traders have a good bullish attitude; the liquid chlorine market is at a high level and the company’s shipments are smooth. .

Refrigerant downstream market stocking season has passed, market demand is not good, and the goods are in general. The downstream has limited acceptance of high-priced refrigerants, cautiously wait and see the market, and the enthusiasm for catching up is not high; the pharmaceutical and agricultural solvent industry is starting flat, supporting methylene chloride insufficient.

The methane chloride data analyst that the overall pressure on the inventory of methylene chloride companies in Shandong is not strong in the near future, and the raw material market support is good. Although the purchase intention of the downstream market is weak, the price of methylene chloride will remain relatively strong. Need to pay attention to the cost side situation.