Price Trend Of Refrigerant Gas R22 In 2020 Concerning Quota

- Jul 07, 2020-

In the first half of 2020, with the reduction of the ODS usage refrigerant R22 quota, the production enterprises have a strong mentality, and in June the enterprise put the ODS usage R22 push up into action. The market mainly shows that the industry's ODS quota is led by the former enterprises. The market price of R22 for ODS uses rose to 16,000 yuan/ton; for non-ODS use R22 (such as R22 used as a raw material for TFE production), the price was around 95,000 yuan/ton. In addition to the reasons for the reduction in ODS quotas, the rising prices of the main raw materials for refrigerant production, hydrofluoric acid (about 8,300 yuan/ton) and chloroform (about 2,000 yuan/ton in the Shandong market), have also increased costs, and key R22 companies can According to the amount of allowances to control their own pricing, although R22 quotas for ODS use will affect market supply, but according to the overall market in previous years, R22 ODS production quotas often have surplus, which is also R22 ODS production quotas The basis for transactions occurs between production enterprises. ODS's production quota-rich companies can sell their quotas according to their own interests to meet their own interests. Enterprises with exhausted quotas will choose to purchase production quotas for ODS R22 in order to maintain their market share and customer base. For both sides of the quota transaction is a win-win situation.

As the production quota of ODS R22 production quota is mainly owned by several large-scale fluorine chemical companies, so in the context of tight or relatively tight market quotas, R22 is likely to form a seller’s market, and middlemen can intervene in procurement before the quota is tight Products, which helps to digest the inventory of the production enterprises. When the production enterprises make a sound of tight ODS quotas, and the demand for R22 has improved, the production enterprises will be more active in raising prices. During this period, the middlemen and terminals of the R22 market The market will purchase the products after the increase according to their own needs, and the inventory of the middlemen in the early stage is also taken advantage of to be digested. Therefore, under the voice of quota reduction, the R22 market increases only the opposition of the end market is obvious, but the quota is tight. The possibility of a reversal in the high price of the R22 market under the market is almost impossible.

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