Precautions For Using Refrigerant Gas R410A In Air Conditioner

- Jul 22, 2019-

Freon Gas R410A for air conditioner is currently used in household air conditioners and central air conditioners. It has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency and good cooling and heating effect. This is also the most sold by our Xiamen Juda to the air conditioner factories. However, its requirements are higher, mainly due to the following six aspects.

1. HFC GAS 410A copper pipe must use special copper pipe refrigeration fittings with high pressure resistance coefficient. R410A special accessories must also be selected to avoid the use of ordinary R22 air conditioning copper tubes instead of R410A copper tubes.

2. The F-GAS R410A refrigerant split air conditioning unit should not be confused with the piping and refrigerant used in the R22 air conditioning during installation.

3. R410A split type air conditioner has high installation requirements, the system must be completely evacuated, and sweat or other insoluble materials must not drip into the pipeline. The best option is to install it in fine weather.

4. When repairing the R410A central air conditioning unit, if the Freon system needs to be cut, replace the dry cleaner before re-welding.

5. After repair, re-empty the air conditioning unit with a dedicated vacuum pump. The vacuum should reach 100 PSI.

6. R410A must be stored in an environment below 30 °C. If it is necessary to add refrigerant to an environment above 30 °C, the refrigerant should be placed in a cool environment 24 hours in advance.