Precautions For The Use Of Aerosols

- May 10, 2019-

Precautions for the use of aerosols

aerosol inhaler

  1. Shake the storage tank thoroughly before use to thoroughly mix the propellant and the drug in the tank. If you have used it for more than 1 week or used it for the first time, you must first test it in the air.

  2. Before taking the medicine, pay attention to clean the mouth, mouth and head slightly back and exhale slowly until no more air can be exhaled from the lungs. Follow the steps shown below. If multiple inhalations are required, repeat the operation after 1 minute of rest instead of multiple presses.

  3. Apply water to the mouth after inhalation to remove any residual drug. If you use hormonal drugs, you should brush your teeth to avoid damage to your teeth and oral mucosa.

  4. Aerosol drugs use pressure-resistant containers, valve systems, and have a certain internal pressure. It can be stored in a cool place. It should avoid freezing, avoiding heat, avoiding light, and avoiding falling. Even small cans that have been used up can not be burned, pierced or broken.