Main Uses Of Refrigerant

- May 12, 2017-

※ R-12 refrigerant alias R12, Freon 12, F-12, CFC-12, fluorine two chlorine methane, the name of the merchandise has Freon 12, the name of the Chinese fluorine two chlorine methane, the English name Dichlorodifluoromethane, molecular type CCl2F2. Because R-12 belongs to CFC substances (the first restricted ODS Class I Ozone-depleting Substances)-Damage to the ozone layer, and there is a greenhouse effect, so in developed countries and some developing countries, the new air-conditioning, refrigeration equipment has ceased to add on the original or old equipment; China has halted the production of R12 refrigerants in 2007, as well as the initial installation of new refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment.

R-12 Main uses

As the most widely used medium and low temperature refrigerant, R-12 is mainly used in refrigerators, freezers, drinking fountains, automotive air-conditioning, commercial air-conditioning, cold storage, commercial refrigeration, refrigeration units, such as condensing equipment. 2-Two dichloromethane can also be used in aerosol propellant, physical foaming agent, medical disinfectant, insecticide propellant, etc.

※ R-134a refrigerant alias R134a, HFC134a, HFC-134a, fluorine ethane, the name of the merchandise has SUVA 134a, Genetron 134a, KLEA 134a, etc., Chinese name fluorine ethane, English name 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane, chemical name 1,1,1,2--PTFE, molecular type CH2FCF3. Because R-134a belongs to the HFC substance (non-ODS Ozone-depleting Substances)-and therefore completely does not destroy the ozone layer, is currently the world's most countries recognized and recommended the use of environmentally-friendly refrigerants, is also the mainstream of environmental protection refrigerant, widely used in new refrigeration air-conditioning equipment and repair process of the addition of the initial installation.

R-134a Main uses

R-134a as the most widely used medium and low temperature environmental protection refrigerant, because HFC-134a good comprehensive performance, make it become a very effective and safe CFC-12 substitutes, mainly used in the use of R-12 (R12, Freon 12, F-12, CFC-12, Freon 12, two chlorofluorocarbons) refrigerant in most areas, including: refrigerators, freezers, water dispenser, automotive air-conditioning, central air-conditioning, dehumidifier, cold storage, commercial refrigeration, ice water machine, Ice cream machine, frozen condensing unit and other refrigeration equipment, but also can be used in aerosol propellant, medical aerosol, insecticide propellant, polymer (plastics) physical foaming agent, and magnesium alloy protection gases.

Although the R134a refrigerant is the most common choice of Freon R12 on the new refrigeration equipment, the R134a and R12 physicochemical properties, theoretical cycling performance and compressor oil are not the same, therefore, for the initial installation of R12 refrigerant refrigeration equipment After-sales maintenance, if you need to add or replace refrigerant, still can only add R12, usually not directly to R134a substitute R12 (that is, usually do not allow replacement of exchange-type).